Pacify Yuril IV


The colony world of Yuril IV has risen in rebellion against the empire. Ever the loyal servants of the God-Emperor the crew has set out to return the world to the folds of the Imperium.


  • Establish a Replacement Government for Yuril IV – 300 points
  • Pacify the Rebellion – 500 points
  • Stabilize the colony – 400


  • +4 Profit Factor
  • Control – Colony World

Other Details

Yuril IV is a colony world. It has not yet shaped the kind of world it will be as it is still in the early stages of its development. Primarily it has concerned itself with agrarian industry as a means of generating wealth and paying its tithe, but surveying has shown the world has a strong supply of rare earths and could shift its industry into the refinement of ores in the future.


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Pacify Yuril IV

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