Investigate Demos for the Mechanicus


Demos is a planet on the edges of the foundling worlds that was of some interest to the Ordo Mechanicus. They have sent several ships there, and have lost contact with all of them. While the Archmagos of Port Wander would love to know what has become of his people, he cautions against undertaking such a dangerous journey.


  • Make landfall on Demos – 100 points
  • Discover the fate of Mechanicus Imperators – 600
  • Report findings to Port Wander – 100


  • +1 Profit Factor
  • Influence: Ordo Mechanicus
  • Ship Upgrade

Other Details

The Foundling Worlds are a dangerous sector of the Koronus expanse, surrounded by warp storms and known to have succumbed to chaos. Demos is a resource rich world that sits on the outskirts of this sector, an orchard ripe for harvest, but clearly also bearing poison fruit.



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Investigate Demos for the Mechanicus

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