Colonize 34FFA7

Seneschal Devin Alitorus obtained star charts and survey details for a planet labeled only as 34FFA7, which appears to meet the criteria for colonization – plenty of cultivatable land, a human accommodating climate and rich in natural resources for exploitation.


  • Recruit Colonists – 150
  • Establish Colony: Tindarium – 150
  • Establish Colony: Imperial Fyr – 150
  • Secure Colony Settlements – 300
  • Set up Supply / Trade Routes – 150


  • +2 Profit Factor
  • Control: Colony World

Other Details
34FFA7 is located in the rough vicinity of the world Egarian Dominion in the Winterscale’s Realm sector of the Koronus expanse. This is one of the more explored, but also one of the more lucrative, sectors of the Koronus expanse, which makes 34FFA7 a strong jumping off point for building a sphere of influence in the region. The riches are matched only by the competition — both from other rogue traders and from xenos races.


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Colonize 34FFA7

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